Express Delivery

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew old when you were a child? We all have asked or have been asked that question. I will always remember the answer of one of my friends: “I want to be a postman so I can deliver nice presents to people”. Little did she know that the postman also delivers dreadful bills!

Well, the idea of delivering parcels for a living never crossed my mind, but I must be honest it is one of the parts of my job that I enjoy the most now, specially during this unusual warm weather here in the UK, when I can cycle to the post office and I don’t have to worry about carrying umbrellas, raincoats, saddle covers, etc.

I am really glad that I can cycle to do my chores. I love the idea of stretching out my legs, getting a bit of fresh air in my lungs, it is kinder with the environment, and it also makes me feel less guilty when I have a big muffin in the afternoon ;) Oxford is a bicycle-friendly city and as soon as we moved here I rushed to get a Pashley bike. I love my bicycle, I might not be the fasted on the road, but I am sure I am the happiest when I am riding to the post office knowing that my parcels will put a smile on the faces of our customers!

Pashley Princess Sovereign

My Pashley bike on the way back from the Post Office

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