Reviewing: Little “Wrap” Skirt

As you might already know I have added to our stock Patterns by Wink Designs. They are pretty designs for girls and what’s great is, the patterns are downloadable, so you get them straight away. As well being very pretty they are also very easy to make. Originally, I wanted someonelse to review them and let you know that they are what the label says. Unfortunately it was not possible and I almost gave up until my always supportive husband asked me “why don’t you make it yourself?”. Firstly I didn’t want to do it, because I thought my review might sound a bit too much like an advert rather that that of a non-bias critic, but I guess I will leave it for you to judge. So please have a read, even if you are not interested in children’s patterns you are welcome to join me in my sewing projects.

Wrap skirt made using Memento and Sun Spots from Amy Butler's Love Collection

Where were we? Ah yes, Wink’s patterns. I decided to go for the Wrap Skirt for two main reasons: 1) it says it is an easy and quick project, 2) I personally love the design.

Choosing the fabrics was an easy task, not only because I have them in my own house, but because I wanted to make something with Memento in Midnight and Suns Spots in Mint they almost jumped off the shelves. The skirt is more of a mock wrap-skirt, so even if your child is jumping up and down the skirt won’t fall down.

After printing the instructions, I put together the pattern. There are 2 main pieces, each one of them is made up by putting together 4 A4 sheets of paper together (this would had been much easier if I had closed the windows, I hope nobody saw me chasing the pattern around the room each time a gust of wind blew through! but nothing to blame the designer for). Cutting the fabric would had been easier had I not been on the phone with my nan, which resulted in cutting the piece of fabric that wraps the skirt the wrong way (again, no one to blame just my lack of multitasking skills). Instead of cutting more fabric, I decided to use what I had already cut and make a few changes, so the skirt now mirrors the original design (instead of having to tie it to your left, this one ties to the right, no big deal right?). Which I could say shows how forgiving the pattern is should a mistake be made by the not so experienced or, as in my case, distracted maker.

Before we pass on to the sewing part I want to clarify that I have not sewn any kind of garment for 3 years; ever since I have been moving my sewing machine from one part of the house to another but not doing anything with it. I would also say that I am a beginner with some rough sewing skills. Having clarified that, I feel now more comfortable saying that it was very easy to put the skirt together.

Back of the skirt but still so not less pretty than the front.

As always, it does help if you press the fabric to get a neat finish and use the right colour of thread. I used two because I didn’t like the navy blue thread on the mint fabric. More importantly, reading the instructions from start to end before you start it is always a must (OK I confess, I only read them after I cut everything, but didn’t go any further until I read all the remaining steps). Reading the instructions will not only give you a better understanding of what are you going to do, but also the way Marina (the designer) has written them, it makes you feel like she is talking to you, something that you don’t often find with many commercial patterns.

Would I recommend this pattern? Absolutely Yes! It took me one afternoon to make it, if I hadn’t been on the phone (or chasing the pattern around the room!) I could have done it a bit quicker. This is the first time I print and assemble a pattern, but because the skirt is made of simple lines and it is a small garment it is much easier than you think. I didn’t put the pocket on because I love so much the Memento fabric that I didn’t want to put anything on top. I also used the main fabric for the ties for the same reason. The final result was a skirt that suits a little lady but the fun contrasting spotty fabric remind us that she is still a little child, don’t you think?

I must admit that making this skirt has filled me with confidence to try sewing other things, so if you don’t have a little girl to make it for, try it anyway, the satisfaction that comes from making something like this can’t be beaten!

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10 Responses to “Reviewing: Little “Wrap” Skirt”

  1. helen says:

    its turned out loverly! will have to save up and get one for my tiny!

  2. lizzet says:

    Hi Helen!
    Thank you for your comment. You really must try it. It is a lot of fun and you only need 1m of fabric. Honestly, I had a lot of fun making it and I can’t wait to try something else now :)

  3. ruth says:

    I love your discription/critique!! Printable patterns are a brilliant idea, no waiting for the postman to come for days, instant gratification.

  4. lizzet says:

    Hello Ruth!
    Glad you like the post. I can’t wait to start talking about more complicated patterns but I am taking one step at a time. I wonder if some people might prefer me printing the pattern and posting it to them…

  5. Yaz says:

    Absolutely adorable! Kudos on this cute skirt. I really like Memento in Midnight and envision it not only on an adult size skirt or halter top but cushion cover as well. Well done ;)

  6. lizzet says:

    Hello Yaz!
    I am so happy that you came to visit my blog ;) Memento is a very sweet and versatile design. It is not the traditional, old fashion floral design it’s quite contemporary. I like that each bouquet is like a little bubble flying around, but that is only me and my crazy ideas. The one in burgundy is also nice and seriouly thinking in using it to make the apron that goes on top of the Barcelona skirt, but still I haven’t decided yet.

  7. Laura says:

    I’ve loved that fabric for ages, and it looks really great as that skirt. I would totally wear that if it were grown-up sized! The contrast fabric really sets it off nicely :)

    I love your description of making it, because it sounds so much like how I end up doing things. Cutting a piece here, answering the phone, making tea, getting distracted by the TV… Glad you’ve got your confidence up again. What’s your next going to be?

  8. lizzet says:

    Hi Laura
    Memento is a great fabric, as many of the Amy Butler’s Love collection, I have always liked it but now I have done something with it I love it even more.
    My next project?? Well, I was considering the Liverpool shirt, a bit ambitious but I might give it a go.

  9. Marina says:

    Sorry I’m so late to comment Lizzet but just wanted to say congratulations on your beautiful result with the pattern. You’ve done a great job both with the fabric choice and the garment sewing. (I must put your blog address in my Google reader now so I’m not so slow reading your posts!!)

  10. lizzet says:

    Hi Marina, Thank you for your kind comments, the pattern is great and your instructions are very simple and to the point, so there is no way that the end result is going to be bad!

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