Another year older….

… and supposedly wiser!

Well, today is my birthday and I love sharing it with others, I love that more than presents (but not more than cake). And since I cannot share my birthday cake with you all, I want to offer you 20% off everything in the shop during this weekend.

Just remember to enter code BIRTHDAY20 (I wish it was my 20th birthday but I only have very vague memories of that) during checkout and I will do the rest.

I leave you now to browse through all the website and put lots of pretty fabrics in the shopping trolley.. I am off to choose my birthday cake.


3 Responses to “Another year older….”

  1. Suzy says:

    Happy Birthday!!! And great promotion :)

  2. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday!
    My daughter turned 1 on Friday so your in good company!!
    Here’s to many more years!

  3. lizzet says:

    Jenny and Suzy
    thank you for the Birthday wishes! I had a fantastic time, I love birthdays (and cake) and this one was very special for me!

    Lots of love xx

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