A wonderful waste of time

Owning an online shop is in some ways bad news for me, or for the Belcher household if one must be honest. I could easily click away my whole afternoon from blog to blog, passing by Etsy and Folksy shops, then back to Facebook and always with a window open for Twitter.

But on the other hand, I have a lot to thank the online community for, I get a lot of my questions answered in Twitter, amazing support in Facebook, kind words of encouragements post on on my blog and lots of inspiration from Flickr and the blogs that I read. And let’s not forget the amazing people that I have met through social media!

So as a way to say Thank You, and to give something back to you all, I have created a Flickr group . I am inviting you to join it to share and show off your lovely creations (and if you are up for it, the ones that didn’t come out quite as you thought). On my side, I will be hosting regular giveaways among all members to keep things yet more interesting.

And to start off on the right foot, our first giveaway will be The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam published by David and Charles. I am sure you know about this amazing book, but can read more about it here.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on this blog next Wednesday 1st of December (yes, we are on the last bit of 2010 already!)

Any questions, doubts and queries regarding the Flickr group please direct them to me, but don’t expect for a highly technical answer as I am still new to all this.

Good Luck and Enjoy!!


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3 Responses to “A wonderful waste of time”

  1. Laura says:

    Ooh, this is very good timing – I’m about to start making a denim skirt with the cafe mocha as an accent fabric. I’ll get the pictures posted to Flickr when I do. Lovely idea :)

  2. Margarida says:

    Just joined the group :-)))
    Sometimes I also wished I could do that “trip” all afternoon long…

  3. Audwina says:

    Oh I’ve been there!
    I call it the crafter’s vortex and it’s really easy to get totally sucked in.
    I’ve joined your Flickr group in the meantime.
    Lovely pics x

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