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A very berry giveaway

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Just to add a bit more joy to the festive season, I have teamed up with Ali from Very Berry Handmade to giveaway a gift voucher and a lovely book, “Make Me I’m Yours… Simply Sewing”.

Rules and other important details can be found at the Very Berry Handmade blog, along with a short “celebrity” interview… don’t get too excited, it is only me answering questions.

It will be great if you enter this giveaway, more so because I won’t be stressing about picking a winner, I will be just handing out the prize :)

Best of Luck!!

From top to bottom: Solid Kona in Lemon, Dumb Dot in Teal by Michael Miller and Sasha by Michael Miller

My Singer 221K and Me

Monday, December 6th, 2010

There are some things that are just meant to be; finding (and buying) a Singer 221K when not really looking for it was certainly in that category.

My thought process and reasons for searching for it are quite complex and way too boring to explain here, but are best summarized in just a few words “I was meant to be looking for something that I needed, and end up buying something that I wanted” … Have you been there, done that? Yes I thought so.

With no further introduction, here she is:

My Singer 221K Featherweight

Since buying it we have developed a funny relationship… with happy days and “I am going to take you to Oxfam” days. I have pampered it a lot (or pampered myself really) and bought different foot types including an Automatic Zigzager (I know, back when it was built, “automatic” meant something totally different to what it means today), hard to believe but this machine is most likely 50 years old!

The spoilt “White Lady”, as it is called by one dear friend, has her good days and bad days, which is most probably down to the fact that we just haven’t really come to terms yet.

I still love her, I am even planning a Christmas present, a cover to keep it clean (unfortunately the original carry case is no more) . If you know of any good patterns for a sewing machine cover, or ideas of how to make one, do let me know; maybe this is what will finally make her happy and we will have a “they sewed happily ever after” finale.

Giveaway Winners

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

First of all I want to say Thank You to all of you that have bought fabric and patterns from our shop, every single order feels like the very first order we got back a few months ago. Thank you as well, for all of you who shared pictures in the Flickr group of your goodies and or wrote comments on some of the photos. They all are very inspiring and have certainly got us sewing :)

This month once again we have to winners:

The winner for our monthly contest for November 2010 is Kelly Branton

The winner of the Flickr group is La Iglesita

Good luck to all of our customers for this months draw :) ~~ We are also planning another giveaway with a very inspiring blog, so keep checking this blog!

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