Corduroy skirt

I have mentioned here before my talent of being able to spend hours browsing online. Contrary to what others might think, not all of that time goes to waste, some good things come out of my ‘research’. Last week I stumbled upon Jigsa’s website (I actually have it bookmarked but let’s keep that a secret) and saw this skirt, which reminded me of the last few metres of Charcoal corduroy that I have in stock. So I have decided to get out the so many times tried and tested Barcelona skirt pattern and treat myself to a new skirt. If you want to read about when this simple pattern didn’t go very well click here.

Fine Cord Everyday Skirt from Jigsaw

I haven’t decided on what fabric to use as lining. Since the cord is so nice and soft I want something equally nice. Most of the grayish patterned fabrics have flown off of the shelves and I have only the Kona Solids left. Option B is going for the Ivory cord and use Scroll in Ivory as lining. What do you think?

I will keep you updated with any progress but feel free to leave some suggestions.

Fine Cord Everyday Skirt from Jigsaw

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6 Responses to “Corduroy skirt”

  1. Clare says:

    Lovely skirt.

    I have something for you on my blog if you want to pop over and collect it.


  2. Suzy says:

    Ohhh, lovely! Can’t wait to see it! The cord is very soft and light so you definitely want something as nice and soft for lining. Kona solids are great but I’m personally not sure they would be a great lining. Something like liquid stain would be great, although it’s a nightmare to sew.

  3. Suzy says:

    Sorry, I meant satin not stain, lololol!!

  4. Why not choose a small print fabric for a lining like Fat Face and White Stuff often do? Then you have something smart on the outside and pretty on the inside.

  5. lizzet says:

    @Clare: Thank you for such a lovely gift!!!

    @Suza: I know what you mean about the lining, I have used something thinner and that doesn’t “sticks” to the other fabric would be better.

    @Nicola: Is that like with Clothkits patterns? I have a cord one with a Liberty fabric and I love it, it is the lining, no one is supposed to see it but you know is there!

    Thank you all for your comments and to all of you who have emailed me and send links to other websites and flickr. You are amazing!

  6. Some really good posts on this site, thanks for contribution. “Such evil deeds could religion prompt.” by Lucretius.

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