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Those two words used in the same sentence are just heaven for me, and they often put my strong will power to the test when I am a bit short of cash; but it was certainly heaven when I made this bag a few months ago with 3 of  the fabrics that I have in stock.  I didn’t blog about it then because it was going to be birthday present for my sister.  I say “was” because she never got it.  The bag is still with me and I don’t feel the tiniest bit of remorse about it (as they say, to accept your problems is the first step to solve them).

I can fit anything in this bag!

The pattern is the Cosmo Bag from Amy Butler’s latest book Style Stitches (read my review here) and I used 2 of the fabrics from the Botanica Collection by Lourdes Sanchez and Kona Zucchini for the lining.

The bag was incredibly easy to make, for some reason if I see a big bag with pockets and things I usually think it is going to be difficult, but this pattern proved me wrong.  I do like the designs of the fabrics, but perhaps I should had used Springs in Cream for the handles instead of the one that I used or maybe a solid colour.  The thing is, I was so desperate to use Leafy Stripes that I convinced myself that it was the way to go.  I don’t think it looks bad, but I guess it could have looked better as the pattern of the fabric is difficult to appreciate, or what do you think?

Anyway, the bag is done and I am very happy with it.  Now whilst I don’t feel too mucho remorse I do feel guilty! so I must crack on and make one for my sister!

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9 Responses to “About bags and fabrics”

  1. Suzy says:

    What a gorgeous bag, great job! The print is lovely and works great in this big bag. I have to confess I love bags and still buying them as I get a bit nervous about bag making. It’ all that stiff interfacing and handles and snaps.
    Saying that I decided not to buy any more and just make them and have bought the Lisa Lam book recently. I will definitely check the Amy Butler one.

  2. Tracey says:

    Looks fantastic (and very roomy too !)

  3. lizzet says:

    Hi Suzy, Lisa’s book is very good, full of information, but I have decided to take it just once a step a time, if not you can get the impression that there is a lot to consider when making bags and can put you off. For me it is a brilliant book for reference and the plus side is that it also includes patterns!
    Thank you for reading the blog xx

  4. lizzet says:

    Hi Tracey! Great to hear about you! How is everything going? Lots of new ventures I’ve heard ;) I love the bag, you do fit everything which can be quite dangerous if you are a bit like me that carry with everything that I might need (and usually leave back home the things that I actually do need!) xx

  5. Fiona says:

    Wow Lizzet that bag looks amazing, and the fabric for the handles goes perfectly. I can see why you ended up keeping it lol. I’m sure you sister will love it when she gets one…unless you fall in love with that one too.

  6. lizzet says:

    Thanks Fiona for your nice comments… I do feel bad though.. My sister has never left a comment on my blog, which makes me think she doesn’t read it, my luck is that she will read this one and find out that I am such a bad sister :S

  7. Margarida says:

    Love it! I wouldn’t change a thing in it :-)

    …and the colours OMG! Adorable!!!

  8. Silvia says:

    Esta padrisima! ya me tengo que poner a hacer algo para mí, una bolsa es una buena idea!

    Escribí un post en mi blog sobre tí, tus telas tec, maratones y demas… espero no me haya equivocado en algunas cosas, mi mente a veces me falla jajaja ya me corregiras si es así


  9. lizzet says:

    Gracias Silvia! Me encantó el diseño de la bolsa y también de las telas que use. Estoy super contenta con el resultado y estoy segura que voy a hacer otra en lino, qué te parece?

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