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Spring Cleaning

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

I have been meaning to do this for a few months now, but finally I have come into terms that I cannot keep all the magazines and books that I have, I am running out of space, and I have reached a bit of “it is me or the patterns” situation.

I am not selling the magazines, patterns or books listed below, I am only charging for postage. If you live in the area or fancy a drive to Oxford, you can collect them for free.† Otherwise email me and I’ll send you a PayPal money request.

To make it fair it will be on a first come, first serve basis, once a magazine or book has been requested and paid for postage it will be marked as so and any remaining will be eventually donated to any of the local charity shops.

I wish had time to take photos of each cover, but you can check their websites if you want more info regarding each issue.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Making Magazine

Making Magazine Issue 2 – £1.75

Making Magazine Issue 3 – £1.75

Making Magazine Issue 4- £1.75

Making Magazine Issue 5- £1.75

Making Magazine Issue 6- £1.75

Rowan Felted Collection (book) – £2.50

Spud & Chloe – Camp Hoodie, knitting pattern – £2.50

How to sew by Nicki Trench – £1.75

The New Anchor Book of Freestyle Embroidery Stitches – £1.75

Homestyle sewing (can’t see the issue number, but it has quilts, cushions, bags, Christmas things, purses, etc) – £1.75

Knitting & Crochet Woman’s weekly, Special Autumn 2010 (Timmy the Lamb pattern is worth the magazine!) – £1.75

Anchor Intermezzo editon – Arrival of a baby† – crochet and cross stitch (got 4 copies) – £1.00 each

Cross Stitcher Issue 236 March 2011 – £1.75

Sew Hip

Sew Hip Issue 2 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 3 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 4 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 7 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 9 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 10 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 11 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 13 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 21 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 22 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 25 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 26 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 27 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 29 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 30 – £1.75

**Shipping cost outside the UK will be charged at cost.† Please email me to get a quote.