Simplicity 2226 done and dusted!

Well yes, believe it or not I have finished Simplicity pattern 2226. The sew-a-long run by Anna from Noodle-head blog was great. She took the time to show step-by-step instructions with photos; she also shared additional links and notes that were incredibly useful and I will probably use in many other projects.

I did view C of the pattern but with a few changes, I didn’t make a belt and didn’t include the tie belts and I used an invisible zipper because, believe it or not, I find it much easier than the other zip with the flap and well it looks tidier.

I made a skirt a few sizes smaller than I should have if I had followed the sizing in the back of the pattern, and I took in a bit on the sides just to have a better fit.

Simplicity 2226 view C front

I used this ultra soft corduroy, even with all the care that you need to take when sewing with fabrics with nap it was a real pleasure working with it. It is thick enough to use in the winter months but still thin to use in the cooler days and nights during spring and autumn, so I am quite sure that I will get a lot of use out of this skirt.

What I like about this skirt so much, is that it is simple enough to make in a day, but because it has a yoke and pockets, you end up with a skirt that looks a bit more complicated that it actually is, and the sense of achievement is incredible.

Will I make it again? That is for sure! I have already put aside some fabric for the next one!

Simplicity 2226 view C back

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  1. lizzet says:

    Thank you! I wearing it and I have got lots of compliments already! ;)

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