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Sunday Stash #23

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Are you ready for the holidays? All the decorations are up, shopping done, just waiting for Father Christmas to bring the presents?? If you have been hit by the calendar like me and don’t have things quite ready, let me tell you that I have a feeling that we are just not on our own. I am trying to do as much as I can as long as I enjoy it, the rest, I am afraid it will have to be left for next year.

If you still have a bit of shopping to do, of if you just want to reward yourself because you have been so good and organised, we want to help you out and offer you 15% off from all orders from now until the 15th December! All you need to do is choose pretty fabrics, add it to your cart and enter codeXMAS15. No minimum purchase necessary, valid to all orders. Pretty good eh?

I close for now because something tells me you have got a lot of shopping to do ;)

Kitchy kitchen fabrics

Sunday Stash #22

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

I know we have been a bit quiet on Sundays but we are working really hard packing orders and getting ready for Christmas. To compensate for that Nicola had a great idea of putting together a bundle just for you and this is it.

Betz White new fabric collection if full of colour and it is so different from whatever is out there that it is just so easy to like it. I am sure you already know about Betz and maybe even have one of her books but if you want to browse a bit more about her and get good ideas of what you can do with her fabric look around her page.

So back to the Sunday Stash offer…. 6 charming fabrics, 6 fat quarters, one bundle, 20% off from regular price from now until Wednesday 7th December.

Stitch Bundle

Let’s go shopping!

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

I wanted to make this bag for I don’t know how long now, I got a step closer when I got the fabric from Nicola, but I got distracted with a few other things and unfortunately fabrics just don’t stitch up themselves.

With so many new fabrics in stock I knew I had to make it before I even started dreaming on new projects. So I knew I had to act quick, and I am so glad I did finally got off my bottom and did the Grocery bag by Keyka Lou. The pattern itself is very easy and quick to make. The bag is small enough to carry with you everywhere, just in case you need it, but big enough to load it up with your shopping.


shopping bag

I used Winged Flight in Leaf by Momo for the exterior (on sale!) and Eggplant Kona for the lining and handles. It was very tempting to make this bag with any of the fabrics from the Echo collection, but I wanted to stick to my original idea.

I didn’t change much the pattern, I just added a few stitches here and there just because I wanted. I used triple straight stitch on the bottom seam and to hold the handles just to reinforce the seams. The pattern suggest to double stitch, so I used the triple stitch on the first one and single on the second on. I don’t know if I needed it, but I had never used that stitch so I went for it.


Grocery bag- reinforced seams

I also stitched along the corners on the exterior fabric just to keep them neat. I did it so you can’t see the stitches from above just under the bag.

Grocery bag - topstitch

This is a great pattern for beginners and it is very quick to make. It could also be a great present, so if you are making your holiday gifts I highly recommend this one.

Grocery bag

Now to get organized with the rest of my holiday making!