And the winner is…

First of all many thanks to all of you that sent an entry, and to the honest that let other know via Twitter, Facebook and your own blog. Big big Thank You! And now the winner of a very pretty and practical Amy Butler pattern

(Drum roll please)

Louise Wsays:

Lovely stuf!!! I would go for Kitchy Kitchen Fruit Slices Pink, Kitchy Kitchen Ric Rac Pink and Kitchy Kitchen Utensils Green Fabulous xx


Don’t you love it?!?!?!?!?

If you do, you will be happy to know that they will be on sale until Sunday 12th February in case that you also want use these fabrics to make your own bag or anything you fancy… by they way, have you seen the Serendipity Studio patterns that are back in stock?? :D

We are so happy with all the different combinations of fabrics and colours that all of you came up with that we are planning a few other things, but we will let you know once we have something.

Have a lovely day!



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