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Echo the new fabric line by Lotta Jansdotter

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

The fabric world is just getting better and better every day.  We, like many of you, were so exited to find out that multitalented design hero Lotta Jansdotter was launching her first ever fabric line that we couldn’t help it but to do some shopping.

Lotta and her first fabric line by Windham Fabrics

Lotta’s Scandinavian style has won us over with her patterns and printing and stencil books, not to mention her finished products, and now she is surprising us all over again with her clean, simple and modern fabric patterns.

Placemats, cushions, dresses... we want to make everything with these fabrics!

Some might say that this collection will only appeal to the urban dwellers, but we will have to disagree with that, this collection as many of Lotta’s designs has been inspired by the Nordic landscape and I bet it will add a breath of fresh air to any country cottage.

I bet the man in your life will have no objections on you buying some fabric if you are going to make a shirt like this one.

Click here to see some of the fabrics that will be in stock, but if you want a particular one make sure you let us know here.

Sunday Stash

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

How is your weekend going?  Nicola and I have been terribly busy, making a few changes, cutting fabrics, getting new books to review, everything to make The Fabric Shop a better and safer place to shop.  For this reason we won’t host a Sunday Stash Sale this weekend, but no need to alarm, for this week only we are going to move it to Tuesday, so it will be a Tuesday Treat, kind of to help you to shake off Monday blues and embrace the rest of the weekend with a big smile :D


Enjoy the rest of the weekend, if you have a spare minute or two, come over and check our new fabrics, there is a bit for everybody and there is more to come soon!


See you Tuesday!

A bit of gossip

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

I have been biting my nails for some time now to share a bit of news with you… I was going to tell you a few weeks ago but I have been busy with one thing and another and I haven’t managed to sit down and catch up with you.  Bad I know, but I promise you it will never happen again. Today, I have switched off my phone, logged off facebook and coffee in hand determined to keep you up to day with all the gossip.

I am thrilled to announced that The Fabric Loft is no longer a “one-woman-band” but a team of two mad woman that love colour, design, fabrics, yarns, crafts, coffee and cakes.  Nicola, a very good friend of mine, has joined me to run the shop together.  Some of you might have already spoken or received emails from her, and for the ones of you that also knit and crochet, you might be familiar with her online shop Yarn Box… so yes, she is brave, or mad, or a bit of both, but one thing is for sure, she is committed to be part of the crafts movement and have some fun in they way.

Kumari Gardens and Sweet Nothings

You might think that this is not a big deal, many shops are run by more than one person, but let me tell you something, if I ever thought that owning a fabric shop was one of the best things that I have ever done in my life, running it with a friend is much better than that.  As a child did you ever play with your friends or siblings that you had a shop and sold each other ribbons and dolls? Well, we are doing it for a living!  How fun is that!

Lucky Nicola will keep all the fabrics, yeap she is doing the glamorous side of the business.  As it is for me, I will be doing the social media side.  So please join me to officially welcome Nicola to The Fabric Loft.

And to celebrate, Nicola has put together a bundle, and not only that but it is on a special offer until the end of the week.  I bet you like her already!

Little Birds - bundle

Independents’ Day

Monday, July 4th, 2011

I have lost count of how many times I have been asked “why don’t you have a brick and mortar shop?“.  My answer is one and very simple, I don’t have the money.  I would love to have a shop full of colourful fabrics with a great range of haberdashery items and many notions and things in pretty jars and boxes.

The dream is still there and in the meantime I am working towards it.  I know that just like me there are lots of independent retailers that are doing the same, and there are many other that their dream has come true but the reality is though because we have to compete with the big corporations.

Big chains are not evil, I buy from them too.  But I think there is still room for indie retailers and is only us that can make it possible.

So for today, I will invite you to at least buy one thing from an independent retailer and make today a very happy Independents’ Day.

Enjoy shopping :)

Sunday Stash #4

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Sweet treats are certainly not only for children, I have got a treat for you that will make you smile best of all it has no calories and it won’t damage your teeth either.

This sweetie from the Sugar Pop! collection by Liz Scott is one of those designs that puts a smile on every face.

The name is still an issue for me, call it Tree Mods or Lollipops, it doesn’t matter, it is yummy and it is our chosen design for this Sunday Stash Sale.

As usual, minimum purchase is 50cm, sale last until midnight Monday 27th June, 2011.


Sunday Stash #2

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Well, our first Sunday Stash sale was a success!  I was overwhelmed by your response and support.  So much so infact, it has sort of put a bit of pressure when choosing this Sunday’s fabric, but at the same time it has encouraged me to keep the sale running.

This week’s fabric is a cotton voile, soft texture, beautiful sheen, a delicate drape, and an amazing design.  It is of course from Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush line, I even love its name, Slow Dance.

There is very little that I can do to describe this fabric with words, so instead I will leave you with some images and let your imagination go wild.

When I first saw this particular design I could only imagine it being used in a Maxi dress or something long, but then I thought of it in the most decadent throw, or a skirt, even huggable cushions…. it will only take you seconds to do a quick search online and see all the great things other people have made with it.

The beauty of long or big designs is that if you use them in a design/pattern/project with very simple lines, the design of the fabric will do the rest for you!  Call me lazy if you want, but with this beauty you don’t have to work extra hard.

Check out the detail!  Awesome!

The sale, just as last week, will last until midnight Monday.  After then, you can still get this fabric (if any left) at a regular price.  You can also check the other voiles in stock here.

Have a lovely week!

Sunday Stash

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

I am very keen to start a new tradition here at The Fabric Loft, and something tells me you are going to like it.

Every Sunday I am going to select one fabric and sell it at a reduced price, the reduction will be always different but I promise you won’t be disappointed.  This silly price will only last for 2 days, Sunday and Monday, just to help you with a smooth transition from weekend to weekdays.

So without further a do, our first fabric to be showcased in Sunday Stash is —drum roll please—

Scarf Stripe in Grey from the Sherbet Pips collection

by Aneela Hoey

I know that you might be thinking that scarves are just not cool for summer, but really, these ones are just so great that you could make things all year around with them, and of course, it would be a nice addition to your stash.

Minimum order is half a metre, there is no need for a code, so just add it to your shopping cart et voilà!

See you during the week, but make sure you pop in every Sunday to see the next surprise  I have chosen for you ;)

Spring Cleaning

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

I have been meaning to do this for a few months now, but finally I have come into terms that I cannot keep all the magazines and books that I have, I am running out of space, and I have reached a bit of “it is me or the patterns” situation.

I am not selling the magazines, patterns or books listed below, I am only charging for postage. If you live in the area or fancy a drive to Oxford, you can collect them for free.  Otherwise email me and I’ll send you a PayPal money request.

To make it fair it will be on a first come, first serve basis, once a magazine or book has been requested and paid for postage it will be marked as so and any remaining will be eventually donated to any of the local charity shops.

I wish had time to take photos of each cover, but you can check their websites if you want more info regarding each issue.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Making Magazine

Making Magazine Issue 2 – £1.75

Making Magazine Issue 3 – £1.75

Making Magazine Issue 4- £1.75

Making Magazine Issue 5- £1.75

Making Magazine Issue 6- £1.75

Rowan Felted Collection (book) – £2.50

Spud & Chloe – Camp Hoodie, knitting pattern – £2.50

How to sew by Nicki Trench – £1.75

The New Anchor Book of Freestyle Embroidery Stitches – £1.75

Homestyle sewing (can’t see the issue number, but it has quilts, cushions, bags, Christmas things, purses, etc) – £1.75

Knitting & Crochet Woman’s weekly, Special Autumn 2010 (Timmy the Lamb pattern is worth the magazine!) – £1.75

Anchor Intermezzo editon – Arrival of a baby  – crochet and cross stitch (got 4 copies) – £1.00 each

Cross Stitcher Issue 236 March 2011 – £1.75

Sew Hip

Sew Hip Issue 2 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 3 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 4 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 7 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 9 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 10 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 11 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 13 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 21 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 22 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 25 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 26 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 27 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 29 – £1.75

Sew Hip Issue 30 – £1.75

**Shipping cost outside the UK will be charged at cost.  Please email me to get a quote.

A bit of what is new in the shop

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

I just popped in to let you know that Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey and Just Wing It by Momo is in stock now.

Both collections are very different, Momo’s designs is still very bold and Aneela Hoey is sweet and almost nostalgic, but both are fun and once you see them, you just want to have them and make lots of things with them.

Have a peek at the website, I am off to cut some fabric :)

42 squares per charm pack with all the designs of the collection... This time I am going to keep one :)

Sweet Nothings

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Sweet is the perfect word to describe this Riley Blake collection that just arrived yesterday to the shop, but you can call them cute, fun, pretty, anything that makes you smile….

I ordered these fabrics just by looking at some photos, I didn’t see the actual fabric and I was a bit dubious because it was the first time I ordered any Riley Blake fabric.  But oh I was delighted when I opened the box and saw these four bolts shining!  There is still one more fabric design to arrive and I am waiting at the door for Mr Postman to deliver it.  In the mean time I will stroke and stare at these four designs before they fly to their new homes.

Sweet Nothings by Riley Blake