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Craft on the go

Friday, February 17th, 2012

I don’t know if it happens to you but the more I sew, knit, crochet or stitch I want to do, sort of a crazy addiction.

I have noticed that when I am sat watching tv of waiting for something I want to do some sort of handcraft… sometimes is cross-stitch some other times is knitting but either way I just see it as an opportunity to do something.
I usually drag my projects from one sofa to another in a shopping bag or an old handbag, so I thought it was time to make a proper caddy for my stitching… and here it is!

Craft caddy

Do you like it?

I used Sandi Henderson’s Modern Meadow in Midnight as the main fabric and some navy blue canvas that I had in my stash. I was very tempted to use Vintage Ironwork or any other of the fabrics from the same collection, but the first fabric is so pretty and bold that I wanted to really give it central stage and use a solid fabric for the rest of the bag.

I followed the original pattern to the letter, it has 3 front pockets (can you see them??) and 3 dividers inside.  As I tend to have more than one project on the go (and who doesn’t?!?!) I am thinking of making a second one, this time without the dividers and using 2 (or  maybe even 3) of Riley Blake’s Daisy Cottage fabrics.

Do you have a bag for your projects?  Share some pictures in our Flickr group or in facebook :)

Baby shoes

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

A dear friend of mine had her first baby not long ago and I wanted to make something for her baby girl.  I tried to knit a pair of baby shoes but dpns and I just don’t get along.  I managed to finish 2 shoes but you should have seen them! They looked so different from each other that I thought I had used a completely different pattern for each one of them.  Afther seeing so undeniable facts, I decided to play it safe and turned back to sewing, and I am so pleased I did as I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I knew straight away which fabric I wanted to use, this fabric is cute at its best and I have been waiting the right moment to use it, and now this moment has arrived. I don’t know about you but I think Japanese fabrics have that extra sweet touch that makes them perfect for a gift.

Mary Jane's Baby Shoes

I went for a very simple pattern as the fabric is so pretty that it doesn’t need any help from complicated patterns.  I had a bit of flannel in my stash that worked perfect as lining and I was ready to go.

I enjoyed making this tiny little shoes, I don’t usually sew for babies, but I found it great and gratifying that you finish baby things so quick, besides you use so little fabric that I think I will be making more presents than buying them.

Mary Jane's Baby Shoes

I would love to make a baby quilt with these fabrics (Children at Play by Sarah Jane)… so if you know of a good pattern for them let me know, I am on a roll here!

New year, new bag

Monday, January 16th, 2012

A while a go when I got the Liberty Book of Sewing I felt in love with a few of the patterns and some when straight onto my list, and right on the top was this tote bag.  I had a bit of this fabric and I loved it so much that I wanted to make something special, so when I was wondering what to make for my mum’s Christmas present I thought that this Sandi Henderson’s fabric will be perfect to make into a big, roomy bag.

The pattern is very simple, and I thought that the flowers of the fabric pattern will be the start of the show.  I got red leather handles that look like they were made for this fabric.


For the lining I used Linen to keep it simple, but I used the main fabric for the inside pocket.  I also add a string for keys, it was not on the original pattern but those little things are very simple to add and are extremely useful.


These are not the best photos I have taken but the light was not on my side.  I must say I am very proud of this bag.  It was a joy working with this fabric and the handles make it look so professional, don’t you think?

I hope it turns out to be a good and useful present.  This is the sort of bag that I drag everywhere with me, big enough that you can carry even a small project with you, and all your necessities.

Let’s go shopping!

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

I wanted to make this bag for I don’t know how long now, I got a step closer when I got the fabric from Nicola, but I got distracted with a few other things and unfortunately fabrics just don’t stitch up themselves.

With so many new fabrics in stock I knew I had to make it before I even started dreaming on new projects.  So I knew I had to act quick, and I am so glad I did finally got off my bottom and did the Grocery bag by Keyka Lou.  The pattern itself is very easy and quick to make.  The bag is small enough to carry with you everywhere, just in case you need it, but big enough to load it up with your shopping.


shopping bag

I used Winged Flight in Leaf by Momo for the exterior (on sale!) and Eggplant Kona for the lining and handles.  It was very tempting to make this bag with any of the fabrics from the Echo collection, but I wanted to stick to my original idea.

I didn’t change much the pattern, I just added a few stitches here and there just because I wanted.  I used triple straight stitch on the bottom seam  and to hold the handles just to reinforce the seams.  The pattern suggest to double stitch, so I used the triple stitch on the first one and single on the second on.  I don’t know if I needed it,  but I had never used that stitch so I went for it.


Grocery bag- reinforced seams

I also stitched along the corners on the exterior fabric just to keep them neat.  I did it so you can’t see the stitches from above just under the bag.

Grocery bag - topstitch

This is a great pattern for beginners and it is very quick to make.  It could also be a great present, so if you are making your holiday gifts I highly recommend this one.

Grocery bag

Now to get organized with the rest of my holiday making!


Simplicity 2226 done and dusted!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Well yes, believe it or not I have finished Simplicity pattern 2226.  The sew-a-long run by Anna from Noodle-head blog was great.  She took the time to show step-by-step instructions with photos; she also shared additional links and notes that were incredibly useful and I will probably use in many other projects.

I did view C of the pattern but with a few changes, I didn’t make a belt and didn’t include the tie belts and I used an invisible zipper because, believe it or not, I find it much easier than the other zip with the flap and well it looks tidier.

I made a skirt a few sizes smaller than I should have if I had followed the sizing in the back of the pattern, and I took in a bit on the sides just to have a better fit.

Simplicity 2226 view C front

I used this ultra soft corduroy, even with all the care that you need to take when sewing with fabrics with nap it was a real pleasure working with it.  It is thick enough to use in the winter months but still thin to use in the cooler days and nights during spring and autumn, so I am quite sure that I will get a lot of use out of this skirt.

What I like about this skirt so much, is that it is simple enough to make in a day, but because it has a yoke and pockets, you end up with a skirt that looks a bit more complicated that it actually is, and the sense of achievement is incredible.

Will I make it again? That is for sure!  I have already put aside some fabric for the next one!

Simplicity 2226 view C back

A new skirt

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

I was looking for a quick and easy skirt to make when I went to my Google Reader and to my surprise the Noodlehead blog will be running a sewalong next week.  I have already done the Proper Attire Skirt so I thought of give it a go at this Simplicity pattern.  I have everything I need, so I just went over the shop and chose a fabric.  Since winter is upon us, I decided to use the soft corduroy in Silver.  I think it will be great, and I have the perfect boots already, and I am sure I have a top somewhere to make a whole new outfit.

So wish me luck, I am terrible at finishing projects, so I thought that joining a sewalong will help me stay focus and get things done.

I tried to take a photo of the lovely cord but the light was terrible, so you will have to wait for images of the finished skirt.


Little bags

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

I haven’t done much sewing lately and I am not very happy about it.  I don’t have my sewing machine with me and it is driving me crazy!  Not only that, I have been hanging around sewing machines shops which is very dangerous… at least it is for my pocket.

Not only the doggies and children are extremely sweet, but I love the twist on changing dots for squares.

To keep me away from temptation, I thought of going through the pictures of things that I made before my good friend got packed away.  I made these bags for a local charity with Sherbet Pips fabrics.  I will tell you more about the charity soon, I am sure you will like it.  But for now, I will concentrate on these lovely fabrics which have been a best seller since they arrived and now that the winter is coming they are becoming even more popular.  Those scarves and the children on the scooters are going to be in many Christmas stockings, you will see.

-Lizzet xo

Working with the Pips

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

You know how these things work, you see something online, then you see it in a shop, you read about it on other blogs, your friend also has one, what next?  Well naturally you also want it.  I am not immune to that, not even when it comes to fabrics.

For quite some months now, we have seen Annela Hoey’s first collection, Sherbet Pips, all over the internet.  Quilts, blankets, bags, dresses, throws, placemats, you name it, someone has done it.  I have been cutting and packing quite a lot of these fabrics and have already sold out some of the designs (yes I have kicked myself several times because I haven’t kept even a tiny scrap of them for myself).

So before it was too late, I grabbed a few fabrics and cut some pieces to make a cushion.  I must say that I truly enjoy working with these fabrics.  I think that the tiny details are the best part, like the small mice or the snails that almost seem like they have sneaked in the design.

Inspired by a quilt pattern in the book "Simplify with Camille Roskelly"

I did however get stuck in choosing the fabric for the back of the cushion.  It was getting a bit too pink for me, but my dear friend Nicola (more about this talented girl very soon) suggested going for Kona in Rich Red or Skipping square dots in Candy Blue.  I think I am going to go for the red.

In a moment of madness I thought of adding piping, but I don’t think it needs it and I just want to finish it.  I have this feeling that it is going to become sort of a “comfort pillow” that I will drag with me everywhere I go.

A rainbow in a pincushion

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

This little pincushion as been on my to-do list for quite a while. The original, made by I like it orange, too! , it is much more symmetrical, but I wanted mine to be somewhat wonky, something that if I showed it to my dad he would say “Very nice Lizzet, but why don’t you do it again so it looks a bit straight”.

I love how the Kona in Coal really brings out the other colours.  I used only tiny scraps that perhaps most people would have thrown away because they were too small to do anything, but like you can see, that is not necessarily true.

Scraps do go a long way!

I didn’t reinforce with a top stitch but it is something that I might have to do before it all comes apart.  The reason of why I didn’t do it was because it took a bit of the “wonkyness” but seeing how the stitches are pulled by the filling I might have to compromise and do it.

Whilst I was making the pincushion, I got an order for the Linen/Cotton blend in Putty and I took it as a sign.  I am going to make something similar using the linen as a background and will splash colour here and there with some of the patchwork fabrics in stock.  Maybe I can make something from from the 1-2-3  Sew book by Ellen L. Baker that my mum gave me a few days ago (I have the best mum in the world!).  Whatever I make I’ll keep you posted :)

I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as I am.

See you soon xx

Fabrics that I used:

Background and back:  Kona Solid in Coal

From left to right

Hydrangea in Yellow (not seen in the photo)

- Stripe in Jam by Momo (you can see only a tiny bit of it)

- Four petals in Jelly by Momo

- Eva by Michael Miller

- Dandelion in Mustard by Patty Young (not longer in stock)

- Thistle Leaf in Piney Woods by Denyse Schmidth

- Liberty fabric from a Clothkits kit

- Dots by Oliver + S (not longer in stock)

- Dandelion in Turquoise (not longer in stock)

- Sun Spots in Mint by Amy Butler

- Pop parade in Purple

- Stripe Leaf by Lourdes Sanchez

We also sell Fabric Scraps bags, unlike the pieces used in this pincushion the scraps are not small but they are equally pretty.

With open arms

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

I made these 2 little purses for my mum and baby sister that are coming to visit us for a few weeks.  I was a bit short of time, so I decided to go for something quick to make, but still pretty and useful, specially whilst you are travelling.  The pattern is Origami Bags from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches and they were a joy to make.

Choosing the fabrics was by far the best part of the whole process, but seeing them finished is great.  They are a bit addictive, and I want to make a few more but larger and I might even try a smaller one made all with natural linen and the stitches with a thicker thread in a contrasting colour.

I hope my guests like them and more importantly, I hope they find them useful.

I'm quite happy mixing the vintage feel of Denyse Schmidht fabrics with linen

Fabrics used for Mum’s bag

Large exterior fabric: Prairie Rose in Piney Woods – Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidth

Small exterior fabric: Essex linen/cotton in Putty

Lining: Thistle leaf in Piney Woods – Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidth

I have used quite a lot Momo's fabrics, but can't you blame me?

Fabrics used for Trouble’s bag

Large exterior fabric: Flower garden in Jelly – Just Wing It by Momo

Small exterior fabric: Four Petals in Jelly – Just Wing It by Momo

Lining: Stripe in Jam – Just Wing It by Momo