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Reversible bag – Tutorial

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Hello, my name is Lizzet and I am a bag addict. I love bags of all sizes, shapes, colours and materials. It doesn’t matter to me if they are useful or just pretty, but it is great when they are both nice and practical. I was over the moon when I found this tutorial becausefor me it is a perfect sewing project. It is easy to make, you don’t need lots of different things to make it, and depending on the type and style of fabric that you choose it can be worn any time time of the day and in all sorts of different occasions. Because it is reversible, you can choose both fabrics with your favourite colours and be able to match it with almost anything in your wardrobe!

Reversible purse tutorial from

I thought of using a floral fabric so I can use this bag all summer long. I am also thinking of adding a few beads here and there so it could be a perfect match for a nice evening out. Once I make up my mind I will post the finished bag here, but if any of you have any suggestions about which fabric I should go for please leave a comment :)

Gardening with fabric

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I have always admired people that think outside the box. Clever, creative people that make the most out of things. Christi Chitnis has that gift. After clicking here and there I found her blog,Lavender and Limes.It is very refreshing and full of clever ideas. I love her photographs and the way she shares her life on the web with us.

One of my personal favourite post from Christi is “Pretty Pots”. If you ever been in a situation where it is sunny and warm outside but you really want to play with fabric but feel guilty being indoors, or maybe is rainy and grey outside and you wish you were planting gorgeous flowers and plants; then you need to read this post. Christi has the perfect answer in her tutorial. Decorate your pots with your favourite fabric! In other words take your craft every where you go and incorporate it in what ever you do.

Fabric Covered Flower Pots tutorial by Lavender and Limes

I am going to make one for our spare bedroom, it will add a warm touch and hopefully our guest will like it too. I will probably use some of our floral fabric, but haven’t decided which one yet, maybe I will go for this one.

It is such and easy and quick project that you can make it in a flash and there is no sewing involved.