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The busy girl’s guide to sewing

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Do you love sewing and/or other crafts and you don’t find time to do anything? Do you spend hours jumping from blog to blog reading what other people have made and you end up wondering how they manage to do all that and blog about it? Well, you are not alone, I am the same. So when I saw Carrie Maclennan’s new book, The busy girl’s guide to sewing, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

But then again, I have had this book for quite some time and I haven’t managed to write a review :S what I have been doing is going through the pages and choosing projects and fabrics to make it.

I like the book for many reasons, it has a very fresh and realistic approach. It even has a chapter on Making Time! The answers are not difficult or out of this world, so it won’t ask you to leave your day job, or to avoid going out with your friends, all the opposite it suggest to make friends with similar creative ideas and get together and make something. Not difficult eh?

Carrie has organized the projects by the time it takes to make them, so you will find pincushions and needle cases in the 30min chapter; Christmas decorations, aprons and phone covers, etc in the One hour or less chapter, and more elaborate cushions, a pouffe and even a skirt made out of a duvet cover in the Four hours or less chapter.

In between projects and chapters you will find a bit more of information about blogging, going shopping and meeting makers. This book is a truly XXI century approach on sewing.

Now, one very clever thing that the author has done in this book is to break down projects in “chunks”. What is that? Well, in her own words “the projects have been organized into manageable little blocks of sewing activity”. You might not have 4hrs to make the embroidered bag, but you might have 30min spare every day and in a few days you will have a brand new bag sewn by you! Once you get the hand of it, you will probably see every project in “chunks” and you will be able to make anything you want to, regardless of how busy your agenda is.


The busy girl’s guide to sewingby Carrie Maclennan is published by David and Charles.