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On finishing projects

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Two of the many reasons that encouraged me to start up a fabric shop was that I hoped to spend a great part of my day among colourful and modern fabric; and also I had the naive thought that I was going to have a lot of spare time to sew. The first part was true, the second one not so. Partly this is my fault because I could be a touch more organised and partly because all of you have kept me busy cutting and packing fabric for you to sew.

Do not be offended, I am not complaining, quite the opposite actually; which this leads to one of the most gratifying aspects of my job, seeing your finished things. Even when I have done nothing, I am very proud when you share a photo of something that you made in our Flickr group and in Facebook, or even in Twitter.

So this is my time to show off a bit, and show you what I have done during the weekend.

I used Four Petals in Jelly from Just Wing It collection as the main fabric.

This clutch is very simple and very practical. For the exterior fabric I used Four Petals in Jelly by Momo and for the lining I went for the more subtle pattern of Stripe in Jam also by Momo.

It is easy and quick to make, I could have finished it the same day that I started it, but I got side tracked with other things that I want to make for next week. So the key for me is to stay focused, no distractions, no “what if I use this same fabric for this other bag?”, or “what if I make it larger and add some embroidery?”.

I am seriously thinking on writing a list with everything that I want to make, and start ticking boxes every time I finish something and not add more things unless half of the things on the list are finished. Easier said than done, but I am going to give it a try. Maybe this way I will get more things finished.

Do you have a “system” to keep on top of your projects? Do projects move from the Wish List to the Done List? It would be very interesting to hear from you :)

Stripe in Jam by Momo make a perfect lining.

Unfinished projects

Friday, June 17th, 2011

I am sure I am not alone on this one, I have a few unfinished projects. Is it because they are difficult? No, they are suitable for beginners. Lack of time? I am afraid I can’t use that excuse this time. Have I run out of fabric? Certainly not! Then????? Well, I just got carried away and started too many things at the same time and I couldn’t finish them for today’s post.

Last night I started making a little purse with this fabric from Momo’s Just Wing It collection, and I loved it so much, than I thought of making a clutch too. So I started cutting fabric for that too. Then I thought that a larger purse was going to be very useful to take with me for a weekend break, so then I started choosing fabric for that too. When I realised it was a bit late and my eyes were tired, I decided to call it a day.

Four Petals in Jelly and Stripe in Jam by Momo

I really wish they were all finished and I could proudly show them here today, but you can be sure that I have learned from this lesson, so everytime I am tired, I just leave it for a moment or a day or two until I can trust my senses again. The fabrics are so beautiful and the design of the pattern is so simple and nice that I don’t want to mess things up.

Flower garden in jelly, Four Petals in Jelly and Stripe in Jam by Momo

I leave you know with photos of unfinished projects and with a promise that next week you will see them all stitched together.

Have a lovely weekend, see you Sunday!