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Craft on the go

Friday, February 17th, 2012

I don’t know if it happens to you but the more I sew, knit, crochet or stitch I want to do, sort of a crazy addiction.

I have noticed that when I am sat watching tv of waiting for something I want to do some sort of handcraft… sometimes is cross-stitch some other times is knitting but either way I just see it as an opportunity to do something.
I usually drag my projects from one sofa to another in a shopping bag or an old handbag, so I thought it was time to make a proper caddy for my stitching… and here it is!

Craft caddy

Do you like it?

I used Sandi Henderson’s Modern Meadow in Midnight as the main fabric and some navy blue canvas that I had in my stash. I was very tempted to use Vintage Ironwork or any other of the fabrics from the same collection, but the first fabric is so pretty and bold that I wanted to really give it central stage and use a solid fabric for the rest of the bag.

I followed the original pattern to the letter, it has 3 front pockets (can you see them??) and 3 dividers inside.  As I tend to have more than one project on the go (and who doesn’t?!?!) I am thinking of making a second one, this time without the dividers and using 2 (or  maybe even 3) of Riley Blake’s Daisy Cottage fabrics.

Do you have a bag for your projects?  Share some pictures in our Flickr group or in facebook :)

I see it. I like it. I make it.

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I am seriously thinking about making those three statements my mantra, maybe having them in big letters in my studio, or maybe in my purse so everytime I am about to buy something that I can make myself I will put it back on the rack and head back home with a quick stop at the DIY store…. yes, DIY store.  No, I am not going to start  capentry or plumbing now, but I have just read Erica Domesek’s latest book, P.S. – I made this, and came across her blog and I have realised that to be fashionable we don’t need to spend lots on money on that clutch bag, neither do we need to have many sophisticated machines or tools to make a necklace or a striped t-shirt.  We just need a to be a bit creative, check what we’ve got in our wardrobe and a pair of scissors!

Her book might not be for everybody.  Her style is trendy and very very funky, but I love it!  And what I love most of all is that she is not afraid of turning a normal, basic, everyday bag into something that looks very similar to the ones you see in the latest fashion magazines.

Fashion and craft go hand in hand in this book

Whilst one or two of the ideas and projects in the book might be a bit too funky for me (let’s face it, you will never see me riding my Pashley bicycle in Oxford town centre with sparkly high heels!),  there are lots of things that I could easily modify to suit my own style.  My personal favourites are the ruffle tank (the ruffles are made with coffee filters!), a cowl neck vest that you can make in no time and a stud cuff.

Erica’s instructions in this book are presented as  ideas, guidelines, quick and easy directions to create something modern and inexpensive, do not expect to see exact measurements and patterns to follow.

Perhaps one of the most important things from this book and from Erica’s work as a whole, is her call to be creative, to think outside the box, and reuse things to make something unique and personal which still follows fashion and trends, and above all, to be proud to say “I made this!”.

P.S. – I made this… by Erica Domesek is published by Abrams, £11.99 (ISBN 978-0-8109-9603-8)

We’ve got a winner!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

As any other blogger, I love when people leave comments or when they write to me about something they have read on my blog,  and I want to say Thank You to all of you who have taken the time to do it.  You must agree with me and the comments for this last giveaway were just fantastic.  Isn’t it great that we all are loved?

But before we get too mushy, lets announce the Simple Sewn Gifts winner:

Janet Morgan who wrote

I think the best present I received, though not actually a gift was inspiration from my dad who made clothes for me. He died when I was young, but I do believe this is where my love of sewing and other crafts came from him. My daughters increased this passion especially when they were young and we crafted together. Hopefully when my grandchildren get a bit older, I can continue this love with them.

About Vikings, fjords and a bit of crafts

Friday, July 30th, 2010

It has been over a week since I post anything but things have been a bit hectic around here, but all for the good!  As it is Friday today and we all want to take it easy, I thought of sharing with you a few photos from last week.

Whilst you were busy shopping with us during our Free Shipping offer last week, I was in a boat going around some of the beautiful Norwegian fjords.  Apart from the disappointment that the boat was not a real viking boat and nobody was wearing helmets with big horns, the scenery was spectacular, the sea food as everybody would expect was brilliant and, well, the prices were a bit steep but hey we had a fantastic time!

Although it was a very short trip I managed to squeeze my traditional search for crafty shops.  I was not so lucky finding fabric shops, but I was spoiled with yarn choices.  Rows and rows of different colours, shades and textures.  I brought back with me a fair isle pattern for slippers, lets hope I can knit them both the same size!!

I leave you with some pictures, I am not sure about you but I am ready for another holiday!

Gardening with fabric

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I have always admired people that think outside the box.  Clever, creative people that make the most out of things.  Christi Chitnis has that gift.  After clicking here and there I found her blog, Lavender and Limes.  It is very refreshing and full of clever ideas.  I love her photographs and the way she shares her life on the web with us.

One of my personal favourite post from Christi is “Pretty Pots”.  If you ever been in a situation where it is sunny and warm outside but you really want to play with fabric but feel guilty being indoors, or maybe is rainy and grey outside and you wish you were planting gorgeous flowers and plants; then you need to read this post.  Christi has the perfect answer in her tutorial.  Decorate your pots with your favourite fabric!  In other words take your craft every where you go and incorporate it in what ever you do.

Fabric Covered Flower Pots tutorial by Lavender and Limes


I am going to make one for our spare bedroom, it will add a warm touch and hopefully our guest will like it too.  I will probably use some of our floral fabric, but haven’t decided which one yet, maybe I will go for this one.

It is such and easy and quick project that you can make it in a flash and there is no sewing involved.