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A rainbow in a pincushion

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

This little pincushion as been on my to-do list for quite a while. The original, made by I like it orange, too! , it is much more symmetrical, but I wanted mine to be somewhat wonky, something that if I showed it to my dad he would say “Very nice Lizzet, but why don’t you do it again so it looks a bit straight”.

I love how the Kona in Coal really brings out the other colours. I used only tiny scraps that perhaps most people would have thrown away because they were too small to do anything, but like you can see, that is not necessarily true.

Scraps do go a long way!

I didn’t reinforce with a top stitch but it is something that I might have to do before it all comes apart. The reason of why I didn’t do it was because it took a bit of the “wonkyness” but seeing how the stitches are pulled by the filling I might have to compromise and do it.

Whilst I was making the pincushion, I got an order for the Linen/Cotton blend in Putty and I took it as a sign. I am going to make something similar using the linen as a background and will splash colour here and there with some of the patchwork fabrics in stock. Maybe I can make something from from the 1-2-3 Sew book by Ellen L. Baker that my mum gave me a few days ago (I have the best mum in the world!). Whatever I make I’ll keep you posted :)

I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as I am.

See you soon xx

Fabrics that I used:

Background and back: Kona Solid in Coal

From left to right

-Hydrangeain Yellow (not seen in the photo)

- Stripe in Jam by Momo (you can see only a tiny bit of it)

- Four petals in Jelly by Momo

- Eva by Michael Miller

- Dandelion in Mustard by Patty Young (not longer in stock)

- Thistle Leaf in Piney Woods by Denyse Schmidth

- Liberty fabric from a Clothkits kit

- Dots by Oliver + S (not longer in stock)

- Dandelion in Turquoise (not longer in stock)

- Sun Spots in Mint by Amy Butler

- Pop parade in Purple

- Stripe Leaf by Lourdes Sanchez

We also sell Fabric Scraps bags, unlike the pieces used in this pincushion the scraps are not small but they are equally pretty.

Waste not!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

I can be a bit old-fashioned in some ways, and certainly I am old-fashioned when it comes to throwing things away. Actually I don’t throw away, I usually pass it on and often just keep things because one day, I will sit down and transform them into something new and different, either that or I’ll loose weight and get back into my old clothes. More times than not I don’t do anything, things sit in a cupboard until I give up and eventually take them to a charity shop or pass them on to friends that will actually do something with them.

Something similar was happening with odd ends of fabrics from the shop. At the beginning they were all folded neatly and sorted by colour, and I started making a hexagon charm quilt inspired by Melanie and her piece-along. I also envisaged making lots of clever stuff the day that Creativity and Spare-time come calling at the same time. Sadly those two fairies seemed to have lost my address and the pile of fabric ends is growing but no longer neatly folded or sorted either by colour, designer or anything else.

900 more to make!

Knowing that I could face execution if I threw away fabric, and as a request a customer that contacted me, I started selling little 100g bags of fabric scraps. Now I no longer feel guilty about not using them, but very happy to know that some of you are doing lots of fantastic things with those bits and pieces, or maybe just like me you have the best intention to do so.

I have listed a few blogs below with clever ideas of what to do with those small pieces that we refuse to get rid off; if you know of other blog or websites feel free to add them, or if you have done something with fabric scraps which show off your creativity post them on our Facebook page and/or in our Flickr group.

I wonder if I should make a full size one?

Thank you for reading, sharing and using every little bit of fabric :)

Hexagon Charm Quilt – Not a weekend project but something that you must try, even if you only make a place mat!

Baby doll quilt – The sweetest quilt you would ever make.

Fat Quarterly Issue 2 – Solely dedicated to inspire you to use all those fabric scraps.

Bottled Rainbows {ticker tape quilt-along} – Tape quilt with a bit more structure and lots of colour.

Mug Rug Tutorial – If you don’t have too many scraps or too much time, this one is the one to go for.

Ticker tape quilt – You could probably hand stitch this one if you wanted.  It uses tiny pieces, so nothing gets wasted here.

PS I have a bag of fabric scraps made with small pieces… if you desperately need it, pop over the shop and mention it on the comments box.