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Who wants a fat quarter?

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

I am sure that anyone that has set up a business, whether large or small would agree with me that it is not an easy task.  For me it has been an incredible learning experience and I’m sure this will carry on as long as I am trading.  Taking decisions is a daily task, sometimes I get it right, sometimes not so right.

When I set up the Fabric Loft I decided to sell by the length and not by fat quarter.  Fat Quarters would only be sold in bundles.  The reason is simple, I never buy a single FQ.  I couldn’t bear not knowing how the whole pattern of a fabric looks, what if I had missed the best part of it by only buying a fraction of the total width of the roll?  And if the pattern is small? Well, I just want the whole width of width of the fabric, even if is just to brighten up my stash.

But we are all not the same, and not everybody thinks like me (and sometimes that is a good thing believe me!).  So I have decided to make a few changes and sell both Fat Quarters and by the length to please you all!

Check the chart below to know what you would need to enter in the box depending on how much fabric you want:

fat quarter 0.25
1.2 metre 0.50
3/4 metre 0.75
1 metre 1
1 ¼ metres 1.25
1 ½ metres 1.5
1 ¾ metres 1.75
2 metres 2

Fat Quarters shown above from top row left to right:

Bali Gate in Periwinkle, AmyButler’s Love Collection

Glamour in Multi, Tanya Whelan’s Dolce Collection

Mod Cirles in Pink by Dena Design’s Leanika Collection

Hedgehog Meadog, Michael Miller Big E

Haul It in Red, Michael Miller

Dino Dude, Michael Miller Boy Prints

Second Row from left to right:

1930′s White Flowers reprint

Thistle Leaf, Denyse Smidth’s Hope Valley Colelction

Mod Kitchen in Navy by Helen Dardik

Apple Dot by Sandi Henderson

Bite Me in Lime, Michael Miller

Swing Toss by Heather Bailey

Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts and….

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Almost everybody that knows me will know that I am a huge fan of Martha Stewart, so when this book arrived a few days ago I knew I was on a good start.

If you are familiar with Martha Stewart’s books, The Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts follows the same great formula.  This book has been well thought out and all of the information is very well organised and structured; so well in fact that this might be one of the best sewing reference books that you will find.  For me, what makes a good reference book is not just the photos, but how easy you can find what you are looking for, this book has both, lots of cool pictures and easy to follow layout.

The book is aimed at both the newcomer and seasoned crafter alike, starting from explaining the different types of fabrics, and moving on to tips on setting up a sewing area, through to basic techniques, including hand sewing, appliqué, different types of embroidery (yes, it also includes sashiko too!), quilting, patchwork, dyeing fabric, and even printing.  It comes with a CD that includes all the patterns and templates needed for the projects in the book.  So there is no need for guessing shapes, sizes or risk of damaging the book trying to get a photocopy of a pattern!

The projects are many and varied and to be honest quite a few of them you will find on Martha Stewart’s website; but if you are a little bit like me, I much prefer having all of those instructions, tips and photos in a beautiful hard cover book.

The projects are very creative and inspiring.  Reading through the book over last few evenings I found myself saying several times in my most affirmative and almost imperative tone “yes, I am going to make this bag, after this patchwork cushion cover, and these felt book cover are just perfect Christmas presents, but first I must make this pincushion too, I need it for all this sewing (by this moment my tone has changed and I sound a bit more like I am reading a letter to Santa), and our bathroom towels would definitely look nicer if I add this little touch…OMG Japanese sashiko patterns, I have always wanted to learn…”

Of the long list of pretty things that I want to make from this book, I might only get around to making a few, but I know that time and time again I will look to this book for some inspiration and a bit of guidance too.

Well I close for now, I must get started with one of those pincushions.

Lizzet xx

Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts is published by David and Charles click here to buy it.

Sharing a bit of what I have learned

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

There are many things that I like about my job, but one of them is that I never stop learning new things.  Every day there is something for me to learn, it could be a new way to advertise the shop, or a quilting technique, or what people like or don’t like.

A few weeks ago I went to the Festivals of Quilts at the NEC with Fiona Pullen from The Sewing Directory, and I took a few fabric bundles to giveaway.  The feedback that I got from the visitors was great, but I was surprised that above all the fabrics from Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane collection were the most popular.  Let me explain this last bit a bit better (before I get into trouble!).  I love the  Nicey Jane fabrics, green and blue are two of my favourite colours, and the design has a retro feel but they are still quite contemporary which makes it ideal for many types of project.  So why I was surprised others share the same idea than me?  Quite simply people were just not buying them, so I thought nobody liked them.

I thought I would introduce you to some creative souls that have made some really cool stuff with these fabrics (in case that you haven’t met them in blogland or Flickr yet).

Beth from Project: Project made this sweet dress with Dream Dot.  I don’t know about you, but I think using a darker colour on the top of the dress with the spotty fabric is such a clever thing but I’d have never thought about it.  It you get a chance, check Beth’s blog, you might get a feeling that she makes things faster than you can blink!

If you want to see simple designs transformed into gorgeous things then you must check Meg’s blog.  She has used Hop Dot in Sky and Lindy Leaf in Blue to make this everyday dress into something quite special.  Meg plays a lot with colours and is not afraid of using fabrics from different collections in the same project, sounds like an easy thing to do but takes a skill to master it.

Now, our next guest is Ivey and she is also VERY talented.  I can’t encourage you enough to check her Flickr account, but if you don’t have time here is just a brief peek of what she has done with Dream Dot and Slim Dandy.  Aren’t they just great?!?!  The little details in both dresses are both very clever and cute.

Let’s move on from children’s clothes to something more grown-up, Corinnea’s dress is something that I would love to make, it reminds me a bit of this dress (but we can talk about that particular one some other time).  Corinnea told me that Ms Bailey inspired her to reinvent this pattern, but I bet she is inspiring more people than she realises with such a lovely dress!  You can read a bit more about this dress, pattern and other lovely things she has made in her blog.

Check this apron, isn’t it great?  This apron would certainly brighten up washing the dishes!  This apron was made my Nicole Owens using Lindy Leaf and Pocket book in MossNicole’s blog is full of beautiful photographs and lovely creations.  In one of her latest post she has a picture of a baby blanket using Nicey Jane fabric, make sure you check it out.

And last but not least is something for the house.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you have come across Anna’s blog already; it is full of inspiration, tutorials, she has an amazing family, just like all the other ladies in this post.  Anna used Lindy Leaf to make these roman blinds; she has used also Hop Dot in Olive as part of a patchwork pillow.

The copyright of all of the photos shown above belong the the writer of each blog and I have been given permission to publish them here.  Beth, Meg, Ivey, Corinnea, Nicole and Anna have not only taught me how one design can be used in so many different projects and to fall in love with this collection all over again; but they have also taught me that the craft network is such a beautiful group regardless of where we are and what we do, we are always here to help each other, even when we are incredible busy or in the middle of our holidays.  Thank you Girls!!!

Lizzet xx

Buying “locally”

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

I am sure this is not news for you, but just in case that you have missed it, Katy Jones from I’m a Ginger Monkey is doing a tour around UK fabric shops!  Sounds fun doesn’t it?

More than just a tour, this is a fantastic crusade to bring greater awareness of some of the fabric retailers in this country.  The craft boom has certainly hit Britain and the rest of Europe and we all can all enjoy not only of great UK/European magazines, blogs, clubs, classes, but also new places to get all our materials.

Today The Fabric Shop is being featured in Katy’s blog!  I am over the moon as I am a huge fan of her blog and her work that she shares with us on her blog and at Fat Quaterly.  Have a look at her blog and travel the UK with her from shop to shop.  We are offering a little something to Katy’s readers, hope you like it.

Lizzet xx

Not sure about which fabric to go for?

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

We have been in your shoes, and we understand what it is like to browse page after page not sure about which fabric will be best for your next project, or just for your lovely stash that it is getting a bit low.

We want to make sure that you are happy with your purchase,  that’s why we go the extra mile when it comes to customer service.  Our website was designed with you in mind and we hope you find it easy to navigate.

One of the great features of our site is the Wish List in your account.  You can add and delete as many fabrics and patterns as you want.  You can share your list with friends and family so they could give you their opinion, or treat you with something that you have already chosen!  You can create an account during checkout or at the bottom right corner of our homepage.

If you are still in doubt about a particular fabric, we can send you fabric swatches so you can be sure of what are you buying.

Whenever you have a questions or would like more information about anything in our shop, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.  One simple way is through our own site; we are social and you can find us in Facebook and Twitter too.

If you have no questions and you have no problems at all, you can still call us to have a chat ;)

July Giveaway! — CLOSED —

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Yeap… time for another giveaway!   This giveaway is extra special because we are teaming up with The Sewing Directory.  So yes, you have guessed it, it is a double giveaway!!!!

The prize will be a 4 fat quarters bundle for each of the two lucky and talented winners!

The rules are quite simple and, more importantly, you will enjoy them.  You only have to browse our shop and select 4 fabrics to make a bundle.  Your choice of fabrics will be packed with lots of care, wrapped in a beautiful ribbon and posted to you if you win :)

You can submit your answer as a comment in this post, in our Facebook page or in Twitter.  You can also submit your choice to The Sewing Directory by Twitter, blog or in their Facebook page.  All entries must be received by 6pm on Tuesday 6th July 2010.

Good Luck to all of you and have fun!

Lizzet xx

Some of our gorgeous selection of fabric

Spring Sale!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

We are so excited about our new shop and the weather has been fantastic that we thought we should have a sale.

We were sure to include some of your favourite designers, so you will find fabric and patterns from Amy Butler, Liberty, Patty Young, Sandi Henderson, and Tanya Whelan among others.  All of the fabrics on sale are very versatile and can be use for small or larger projects.  They can also be matched with other fabrics that we have in stock and create many adorable things.

The sale will last until end of May.  If you want to be the first to know when we have a sale subscribe to our newsletter and you will enjoy discounts only available to subscribers!