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About bags and fabrics

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Those two words used in the same sentence are just heaven for me, and they often put my strong will power to the test when I am a bit short of cash; but it was certainly heaven when I made this bag a few months ago with 3 of  the fabrics that I have in stock.  I didn’t blog about it then because it was going to be birthday present for my sister.  I say “was” because she never got it.  The bag is still with me and I don’t feel the tiniest bit of remorse about it (as they say, to accept your problems is the first step to solve them).

I can fit anything in this bag!

The pattern is the Cosmo Bag from Amy Butler’s latest book Style Stitches (read my review here) and I used 2 of the fabrics from the Botanica Collection by Lourdes Sanchez and Kona Zucchini for the lining.

The bag was incredibly easy to make, for some reason if I see a big bag with pockets and things I usually think it is going to be difficult, but this pattern proved me wrong.  I do like the designs of the fabrics, but perhaps I should had used Springs in Cream for the handles instead of the one that I used or maybe a solid colour.  The thing is, I was so desperate to use Leafy Stripes that I convinced myself that it was the way to go.  I don’t think it looks bad, but I guess it could have looked better as the pattern of the fabric is difficult to appreciate, or what do you think?

Anyway, the bag is done and I am very happy with it.  Now whilst I don’t feel too mucho remorse I do feel guilty! so I must crack on and make one for my sister!

It’s not over ’till it’s over

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Just a quick reminder that the January Sale is still on. There are quite a few fabrics left but I have taken lots of empty bolts to the recycling bin in the last few days.

From top to bottom: Lilly in Pink, Cafe dot in Turquoise, Slim Dandy in Pink and Kona in Zucchini

So as my mum used to say, don’t leave  for tomorrow what you can do today. Have a quick peek at the fabrics and patterns for sale, because most of them, will go back to their regular price on the 1st of February.  And once you have taken the time to browse our lovely website, check our Coming Soon section, if you fancy anything make sure that you request a re-stock notification to be the first to know when the stock arrives.

I hope to see you soon :)

Not sure about which fabric to go for?

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

We have been in your shoes, and we understand what it is like to browse page after page not sure about which fabric will be best for your next project, or just for your lovely stash that it is getting a bit low.

We want to make sure that you are happy with your purchase,  that’s why we go the extra mile when it comes to customer service.  Our website was designed with you in mind and we hope you find it easy to navigate.

One of the great features of our site is the Wish List in your account.  You can add and delete as many fabrics and patterns as you want.  You can share your list with friends and family so they could give you their opinion, or treat you with something that you have already chosen!  You can create an account during checkout or at the bottom right corner of our homepage.

If you are still in doubt about a particular fabric, we can send you fabric swatches so you can be sure of what are you buying.

Whenever you have a questions or would like more information about anything in our shop, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.  One simple way is through our own site; we are social and you can find us in Facebook and Twitter too.

If you have no questions and you have no problems at all, you can still call us to have a chat ;)

July Giveaway! — CLOSED —

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Yeap… time for another giveaway!   This giveaway is extra special because we are teaming up with The Sewing Directory.  So yes, you have guessed it, it is a double giveaway!!!!

The prize will be a 4 fat quarters bundle for each of the two lucky and talented winners!

The rules are quite simple and, more importantly, you will enjoy them.  You only have to browse our shop and select 4 fabrics to make a bundle.  Your choice of fabrics will be packed with lots of care, wrapped in a beautiful ribbon and posted to you if you win :)

You can submit your answer as a comment in this post, in our Facebook page or in Twitter.  You can also submit your choice to The Sewing Directory by Twitter, blog or in their Facebook page.  All entries must be received by 6pm on Tuesday 6th July 2010.

Good Luck to all of you and have fun!

Lizzet xx

Some of our gorgeous selection of fabric

Summer dress for all year round

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

After reading Perry Lewis’ article yesterday in The Guardian I end up looking for clever ideas, cool classic dress patterns with modern fabrics, then I found plain and more basic fabric designs matched with quite contemporary patterns 
… then I found the perfect match!  Clever Mary Jo from Five Green Acres made The Liverpool dress using Denyse Schmidt Prairie Rose from the Hope Valley collection.

The Liverpool dress by Mary Jo


I can see that sort of dress/shirt being one of the most useful pieces in any wardrobe all year round.  During the winter I could wear it with trousers, a few layers and voilá!  I would probably use Prairie Rose in Piney Wood instead of the grey colour, but I guess that it is one of the beauties of making your own clothes, you can do whatever you want!

Prairie Rose in Piney Woods by Denyse Schmidt


Personally, I love the idea of using a pattern from one designer and the fabric from another.  It makes the whole project even more unique and personal.  If you are thinking of making any of the variations of The Liverpool Shirt pattern, take your time and read Mary Jo’s post, and, of course, show us the pictures!

Gardening with fabric

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I have always admired people that think outside the box.  Clever, creative people that make the most out of things.  Christi Chitnis has that gift.  After clicking here and there I found her blog, Lavender and Limes.  It is very refreshing and full of clever ideas.  I love her photographs and the way she shares her life on the web with us.

One of my personal favourite post from Christi is “Pretty Pots”.  If you ever been in a situation where it is sunny and warm outside but you really want to play with fabric but feel guilty being indoors, or maybe is rainy and grey outside and you wish you were planting gorgeous flowers and plants; then you need to read this post.  Christi has the perfect answer in her tutorial.  Decorate your pots with your favourite fabric!  In other words take your craft every where you go and incorporate it in what ever you do.

Fabric Covered Flower Pots tutorial by Lavender and Limes


I am going to make one for our spare bedroom, it will add a warm touch and hopefully our guest will like it too.  I will probably use some of our floral fabric, but haven’t decided which one yet, maybe I will go for this one.

It is such and easy and quick project that you can make it in a flash and there is no sewing involved.