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This year I am not alone

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

January is a tough month for me.† After indulging and spending during the holiday season I always end up with a thin wallet and a not so thin waist.† It is becoming a bit of a bad habit for me to welcome the new year tired, but with a warm hug and lots of optimistic resolutions.† What do I get in return?† I get back my old routine where I try to squeeze in more trips to the gym, more salads, reading time, lessons to learn a foreign language, and an ever tidy work space.

You don’t need a crystal ball to foresee my future.† The formula is infallible, by March, oh right I am coming clean now, by mid February my new year’s resolutions are somewhere in a corner with my gym bag and the 1001 Healthy Meals in a Flash book.

This year I want it to be different, and I mean it.† This time it’s different, I have the help of 2 little mice.† Yes, mice, and no, I have not been drinking. (Just before we carry on, I want to make sure that we all understand that they are not real mice, just stuffed ones).

Two years ago my mother gave me 2 little mice bought in a Christmas shop.† She gave them to me in the middle of the summer (please don’t ask why, we are talking about DNA and genes here) but I liked them so much that I couldn’t put them away with the rest of the Christmas decorations and I kept them as part of other decorations in the house all year round.

My two little helpers.

So just as I have these 2 tiny mice out during the whole year, I am going to do my very best to stick to my resolutions for the whole year, I am hoping that in 12 months from today, my resolutions for 2012 will be† different because I have made already a few nice changes in my life.

Whether or not you have something similar to my two mice for help, I close with the wish that all of your hopes and aspirations come true and resolutions last all year.

Christmas Presents in the making

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

This year, as with the last few years, I have taken a pledge that it will be a homemade Christmas.† It wouldn’t be fair to say that I have failed previous years, because quite a few of the presents that we gave were in fact homemade… not all were made at my home, but in someone else’s home, and yes, I did made a few with my very own hands.

I thought that Christmas 2010 was going to be a bit different, and my house was going to resemble Santa’s workshop than just clicking away at Amazon for last minute presents.† The truth is that many of our clients are indeed creative crafters that make wonders with fabrics they have bought from The Fabric Loft, so they are keeping me busy and leaving me very little spare time to make my own presents.† I am happy to know that they are busy as well selling their goodies in Christmas Fairs all over the country and a few abroad too (yeap we are international now!).

The clock is ticking and I had to find pretty things that wouldn’t take ages to make, I hit the target when I got Fat Quarterly‘s Holiday Special Edition.† I made the sweetest doll ever designed by Katy Jones from I’m a Ginger Monkey.† It is one of those projects that are easy and quick to make and once you finish it you end up with such a great feeling!

I am on a roll now and have a few fabrics pinned together ready to be the next smiley long legged doll… will post more pictures soon in our Facebook page, but in the mean time, feel free to check the ones I’ve published on our Flickr page.

Initially made to be given away... now I'm really considering keeping it for myself :)

Fabrics used:

Head: Tiny Flowers by Sevenberry

Body: Henna Garden by Sandi Henderson

‘Supermodel’ long legs: Sun Spots in Turquoise by Amy Butler

About presents

Friday, October 29th, 2010

I am absolutely mad about buying presents, specially for my loved ones. I am not really into buying lots of presents, I rather give one or a couple of good ones, carefully chosen, than give lots of presents just for the sake of it. Another thing that I like about present is choosing the wrapping, ribbons, tags, etc. I have even designed and printed my own when I can’t find what I want.† I have always thought of the wrapping as part of the present.

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and after buying his gift I went to all of the shops that sold wrapping paper but couldn’t find one that made me 100% happy. So I thought of putting my stamp on it and wrapping with fabric. After all this is what I am, a fabric lady :) So here it is how it looked:

Prince Charming loved it, both the present and the wrapping. I am sure you agree with me that it is such a great feeling to see people that you love with a big smile on their face. But the very best part of the whole thing was that after he went off to play with his new gadget, I still got a bit of fabric to use for my hexis!

And seeing as we are in a celebration mood, I have teamed up with Fiona from The Sewing Directory for a Giveaway.† For the chance to win a £15 voucher from The Fabric Loft just let us know which fabric or fabric designer you would use to wrap a present, or you would love to receive as a present from the ones that we have in stock (of course feel free to add these to your Fabric Loft wish list and send it to your loved ones!).† Send your answer to or by filling out this easy form.

You must be quick, the winner will be drawn at 6pm Monday so you have only got this weekend to let us know which one is your favourite!

A little gift to a friend

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Last week I was invited to a friendís house for a BBQ.† I was very happy that they invited me that I wanted to take something special with me to share, apart from a good bottle of wine of course!† After discarding the typical options of flowers, biscuits, chocolates, I remembered that I had seen this post and thought it would be a great way to use one of the most popular fabrics that we have at the shop and also the lavender that I grow in my garden.

from my own garden

I love the design in Scroll by Dena Designs, both in pink and ivory, and it’s also very easy to match with other fabrics too.† I didnít have pinking shears so the end result was a bit different from the original, but I was quite happy with it and the thought of keeping the sachet for me did cross my mind. †But I was glad I did give it to my friend. †The lavender filled the whole living room with a nice soft aroma and the fabric is so lovely that it doesn’t have to be hidden in a corner.

I think it is such a nice present or party favour, and I made it in no time. †I still have lots of lavender from last year so this weekend I am planning to make a few more.

Lavender sachet made with Scroll by Dena Designs