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The Liberty book of home sewing

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

I know what you are thinking…. “what? another Liberty book review?” Well,why not! This is, after all, a beyond lovely book. So if you have a few minutes spare, I invite you to stay with me and read this short review and also, see a bit more of the inside of this book, if you haven’t already bought it yet of course!

The Liberty book of home sewing

Pretty cover but prettier things inside


Like the overwhelming majority whoalready have this pretty book in their hands, I too must say that this is just such abeautiful book. Quadrille, the Liberty team and every person that collaboratedin the creation of this book managed to encapsulate the very essence of Liberty within it.

Rose corsage

If you have been to Liberty, the shop, you will probably agree with me that is full of beautiful things, some might not be to your taste but you cannot deny that many of the designs are amazing, beautiful textures, luxury smells,the place is full of so many shinny things. But what are all those things? Well, they are normal, everyday things, like slippers, bags, scarves, fabrics, buttons, plates, diaries; they are just beautifully designed, amazingly pretty and well, sometimes the price is a bit steep.

Book Covers

Well, The Liberty Book of Home Sewing is full of patterns for many “normal” things like shopping bags, a flower brooch, book covers, quilts, pincushions; however when they aremade with very pretty and ultra traditional Liberty prints, they become something special, almost decadent.

Sugar-bag doorstop

Theentire bookitself screams Liberty, the quality of the paper and the lush photos just makes you forget that you probably already have more than one or two patterns for an apron, butthe pinny in this book is the one that you need tohave ;)

Frilly pinny with potholder

I have already markedtwo projects from this book that I will make myself,which will become very nice Christmas presents , I will keep you posted about these, and as alwaysif you havemade anything from this book alreadyshare it with us, we would love to see it!