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Sunday Stash #16

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Wow! I can’t belive how fast this week went! It feels like it was only a few days ago that people were talking about children going back to school and now it is all about Christmas and presents and stocking up for Christmas fairs. I feel like I really want to stop and just enjoy the autumn, it is my favourite season of all. The colours, the flavours, days are getting shorter but you don’t mind because it is not too cold (certainly not this week!)… and well, yes, I must admit I do start planning a bit my handmade presents, and decorations for the house.

You might be a bit more organized than me, and if you already have a list and a budget for your handmade presents, we would like to help you with not just a Sunday Stash Sale, but a Week Stash Sale. Two fabrics on sale for a whole week!

The first one is a real treasure, Flower Garden in Jelly by Momo. This is one of those patterns that you can use for many things, it can be the main fabric of whatever you are making, or you can use it to line a bag or purse to give it that special touch. The pattern has medium and small details, so even a small left over of fabric can be useful for a small project, whether it is a small patchwork cushion, a doll dress or you can just keep it for a rainy day ;)

Flowers and butterflies, a real garden for you!

Winged Flight in Leaf is the second fabric on sale, it is a panel but before you blank it out from your mind, let me tell you that I have seen very clever things to make with panes. Of course you can also make a quick quilt with a panel and then just hand stitch some details to bring the wadding and backing together, and curtains and cushions are always a good option to add some fun to any room. I want to make a shopping bag with it (handles and lining with this solid), or a girl’s dress, kind of a children’s and bolder version of an Echino design.

Check the tiny bees! Adorable!

Right, I am going to leave you now so you can make your mind and if you want browse for other designs from the same range… or why not? mix and match with other collections.

Nicola is making a quilt with these fabrics, raise your hand if you want to see it finished ;)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a great week!

- Lizzet xo

On finishing projects

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Two of the many reasons that encouraged me to start up a fabric shop was that I hoped to spend a great part of my day among colourful and modern fabric; and also I had the naive thought that I was going to have a lot of spare time to sew. The first part was true, the second one not so. Partly this is my fault because I could be a touch more organised and partly because all of you have kept me busy cutting and packing fabric for you to sew.

Do not be offended, I am not complaining, quite the opposite actually; which this leads to one of the most gratifying aspects of my job, seeing your finished things. Even when I have done nothing, I am very proud when you share a photo of something that you made in our Flickr group and in Facebook, or even in Twitter.

So this is my time to show off a bit, and show you what I have done during the weekend.

I used Four Petals in Jelly from Just Wing It collection as the main fabric.

This clutch is very simple and very practical. For the exterior fabric I used Four Petals in Jelly by Momo and for the lining I went for the more subtle pattern of Stripe in Jam also by Momo.

It is easy and quick to make, I could have finished it the same day that I started it, but I got side tracked with other things that I want to make for next week. So the key for me is to stay focused, no distractions, no “what if I use this same fabric for this other bag?”, or “what if I make it larger and add some embroidery?”.

I am seriously thinking on writing a list with everything that I want to make, and start ticking boxes every time I finish something and not add more things unless half of the things on the list are finished. Easier said than done, but I am going to give it a try. Maybe this way I will get more things finished.

Do you have a “system” to keep on top of your projects? Do projects move from the Wish List to the Done List? It would be very interesting to hear from you :)

Stripe in Jam by Momo make a perfect lining.

Unfinished projects

Friday, June 17th, 2011

I am sure I am not alone on this one, I have a few unfinished projects. Is it because they are difficult? No, they are suitable for beginners. Lack of time? I am afraid I can’t use that excuse this time. Have I run out of fabric? Certainly not! Then????? Well, I just got carried away and started too many things at the same time and I couldn’t finish them for today’s post.

Last night I started making a little purse with this fabric from Momo’s Just Wing It collection, and I loved it so much, than I thought of making a clutch too. So I started cutting fabric for that too. Then I thought that a larger purse was going to be very useful to take with me for a weekend break, so then I started choosing fabric for that too. When I realised it was a bit late and my eyes were tired, I decided to call it a day.

Four Petals in Jelly and Stripe in Jam by Momo

I really wish they were all finished and I could proudly show them here today, but you can be sure that I have learned from this lesson, so everytime I am tired, I just leave it for a moment or a day or two until I can trust my senses again. The fabrics are so beautiful and the design of the pattern is so simple and nice that I don’t want to mess things up.

Flower garden in jelly, Four Petals in Jelly and Stripe in Jam by Momo

I leave you know with photos of unfinished projects and with a promise that next week you will see them all stitched together.

Have a lovely weekend, see you Sunday!

A bit of what is new in the shop

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

I just popped in to let you know that Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey and Just Wing It by Momo is in stock now.

Both collections are very different, Momo’s designs is still very bold and Aneela Hoey is sweet and almost nostalgic, but both are fun and once you see them, you just want to have them and make lots of things with them.

Have a peek at the website, I am off to cut some fabric :)

42 squares per charm pack with all the designs of the collection... This time I am going to keep one :)