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Little bags

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

I havenít done much sewing lately and I am not very happy about it.† I donít have my sewing machine with me and it is driving me crazy!† Not only that, I have been hanging around sewing machines shops which is very dangerousÖ at least it is for my pocket.

Not only the doggies and children are extremely sweet, but I love the twist on changing dots for squares.

To keep me away from temptation, I thought of going through the pictures of things that I made before my good friend got packed away.† I made these bags for a local charity with Sherbet Pips fabrics.† I will tell you more about the charity soon, I am sure you will like it.† But for now, I will concentrate on these lovely fabrics which have been a best seller since they arrived and now that the winter is coming they are becoming even more popular.† Those scarves and the children on the scooters are going to be in many Christmas stockings, you will see.

-Lizzet xo